Abbey Road Funds – Global Equity Fund

Direct or indirect economic approach

This UCITS fund invests primarily in equities of companies worldwide that have strong cash flow, earnings growth, manageable debt levels and a sustainable business model. In case you would like to receive more information on the actual selection process we recommend getting in touch with the appointed portfolio manager BAO Capital Partners (http://www.baocapital.com) who is happy to provide substantial details on the strategy and its operational implementation.



Additional details

All information with respect to the ongoing performance of this fund (and in some cases additional historic/older documents) can be found on the website of the Liechtenstein Fund Association. Below you find the specific link to this particular fund for your convenience.



Constitutive documents and subscription forms (if any)



Further documents, notifications and reports

Further fund documents

21.12.2022 | PRIIP KID (DEU)

21.12.2022 | PRIIP KID (ENG)

07.12.2022 | KIID (DEU)

07.12.2022 | KIID (ENG)


Investor notifications

07.12.2022 | Anlegermitteilung

07.12.2022 | Investor notification

14.12.2021 | Investor notification

Periodic reports

30.06.2022 | Halbjahresbericht

30.06.2022 | Semi-annual report

31.12.2021 | Jahresbericht

31.12.2021 | Annual report

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