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Why working with ONE Funds AG?

  • Reputation: ONE is a highly reputable and experienced partner.
  • Customised solutions: Every client is different with a high degree of customisation and adaptability. ONE does not offer off-the-peg solutions.
  • Independent: ONE works with different depositaries and auditors and provides its clients with recommendations rather than forced decisions.

Your own chance to evolve

  • Strengthening of your brand: a private label fund can help strengthening or even creating  your own brand.
  • Independence: opportunity to act autonomously as portfolio manager for the fund (subject to fulfilment of minimum qualification criteria stipulated by the Liechtenstein FMA)
  • Pooling: numerous individually managed custody with similar strategies may be pooled into a newly created fund, reducing costs, increasing overall efficiency and transparency and delivering an official track record for the portfolio manager.

Achnowledged and efficient vehicle

  • The perfect investment vehicle: investment funds based in Liechtenstein are fully regulated and, therefore, one of the few internationally acknowledged investment vehicles. This helps to attract and pool like-minded investors for a common investment purpose.
  • Efficient pooling & asset management: investment funds pool the assets of different investors and facilitate the quick and consistent implementation of the desired investment strategy to their benefit. Moreover, funds reduce transaction costs and thus can improve the overall investment performance of asset managers.
  • Flexibility: Funds can be configured in various different legal forms; they can be combined with other structures in Liechtenstein (LLC, trust, Anstalt, foundation, etc.) or with cross-border structures.
  • Efficient market access: access to all European markets via carefully targeted distribution channels, providing the fund fulfils the necessary criteria and was established in accordance with either the UCITS-Act or the AIFM-Act (European passport); management companies / AIFMs may also be commercially active in the EEA under the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment.
  • Constitutive documents: Simple and EU-compatible fund document design while key content as e.g. the overall strategy description can be provided by the initiator of an investment fund project.

Investor and asset protection

  • For investors: investment funds provide a high level of protection due to strict regulatory regulations and systematic corporate governance procedures and help to prevent misuse and misappropriation of assets. Supervision by independent external auditors and the FMA provides for reliable checks & balances.
  • Privacy: all transactions are executed in the name of the investment fund on behalf and in the best interest of the investors. Investment funds do not disclose the investors in financial statements or towards any third party unless required by law in special cases. Thus, investment funds help to protect investors’ personal privacy.
  • For assets: the assets held by the fund are protected and legally separated from ONE Funds AG and the chosen depositary of the fund.

Liquidity and estate planning

  • Estate planning: In case the investor has several heirs and multiple assets, using bankable fund shares might facilitate estate planning.
  • Split of illiquid assets: via the investment fund, illiquid or inseparable assets can be made liquid and ‘split’ among several investors.
  • Partial exit: Contributing assets towards an investment fund might improve/expand the available options of a direct or indirect sale/transfer to (institutional and international) investors. Such  decision is also an elegant way to sell off only a fraction of any particular assets.
  • Bankable securities: investment funds, equipped with ISIN, are bankable assets which can be easily tracked and transferred between securities deposits. Shares can be sold, inherited or donated to eligible investors.

Transparent tax and reportings

  • Costs and reporting: Ex ante, the constituting documents stipulate all expected costs, and ex post, the financial statements of the fund inform about the total expense ratio TER. This allows for full information for the investors. The investment fund publishes audited annual reports and, on a regular basis, the development of the NAV.
  • Preferred taxation: investment funds benefit from several internationally recognized tax advantages. With a fund based in Liechtenstein, no capital gains tax, no ongoing wealth tax and no withholding tax are levied. Additionally, no value added tax on certain services is charged and other benefits are granted. Furthermore, most countries have clear taxation rules for fund investors. We advise potential promoters/investors to obtain tax advice from third parties before setting up an investment fund or acquiring fund units. ONE Funds AG itself is not licensed to provide qualified tax advice.
  • FATCA & CRS: investment funds in Liechtenstein are deemed compliant structures under FATCA and CRS.

Liechtenstein location

    • The heart of Europe: Liechtenstein, as member of the European Economic Area with free access to Europe and at the same time being linked to Switzerland in a customs and currency union, is in a unique position to provide financial services. Liechtenstein is also one of the very few AAA-rated countries worldwide.
    • Time to market: dependent on the type of fund legal statutory time limits do facilitate overall planning with respect to required regulatory permissions/authorisations.
    • Electronic platforms: cost-effective fulfilment of statutory publication obligations via the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association’s electronic platform (www.lafv.li).
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