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By creating the “fund for qualified investors” in 2005 Liechtenstein introduced a type of fund specially tailored to the needs of professional investors and allowing a large degree of freedom, thereby to a certain extent pre-empting the European Union’s AIFM Directive. Consequently Liechtenstein was also the first country to fully implement the AIFMD framework into national law.

Since its inception, ONE Funds AG has likewise specialised on alternative investment funds (AIF). AIFs make it possible to create fully regulated structures that provide numerous advantages while facilitating the management of a broad range of different assets.


If you aim towards retail clients and your strategy follows a diversified liquid portfolio you might qualify for a UCITS structure. We are happy to explain the differences to an AIF and guide you through the UCITS-jungle. Please bear in mind that a UCITS fund is highly standardized, nonetheless it needs to follow a complex set of rules that need to be constantly obeyed.

ONE Funds AG is looking forward to consult you on all possibilities and potential restrictions both in AIF and in UCITS structures.


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